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LANC Video Camera Control

This research was undertaken as the final year honours project of a Computer Science BSc.

Oscilloscope Trace
Investigation of PJDL


Due to cumbersome existing solutions, this project aimed to develop a remote video camera control system that imposes minimal hardware overhead to the user. Extensive market research and stakeholder interaction led to the design and realisation of an integrated system
using custom hardware and software. This included experimental testing of a single-wire serial communication protocol at the physical layer for automatic control bus termination. The system created was found to be commercially viable within the resource and personnel
limitations of a single-author project. Full testing in the intended environment was not possible due to coronavirus travel restrictions.


Video camera, Remote control, Embedded, Local application control bus, Controller Area Network, Padded Jittering Operative Network.

Full Report

LANC Video Camera Control (PDF)

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