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Simple Morse Practice Oscillator

As a first dabble into amateur radio projects, I decided to build a Morse code practice oscillator. I searched around for a suitable schematic that my scrap-bin could supply all the parts for. In the end I settled on a simple 555 based circuit from the ARRL, found here. The circuit produces a square wave so isn’t the best sounding but is good enough for practising.

test on a breadboard
Breadboard Test

First I built the circuit onto a breadboard. Once everything was working nicely, I transferred it to strip-board for a more permanent solution. I then 3D printed a simple enclosure to keep everything together nicely. I added a 3.5mm mono jack to allow quick and easy connection of a Morse key.

completed circuit on strip-board
Strip-board Circuit
partial assembly into enclosure
Enclosure Assembly with Battery
Enclosure Assembly with Strip-board
Enclosure Assembly with Strip-board


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