Ham Radio Software

Introducing SOTAtoADIF

SOTAtoADIF v1.0.0-alpha1 Today marks the first pre-release of SOTAtoADIF 🎉. The basic functionality is working however there may be bugs and the documentation is yet to be completed. Please use with caution. Background SOTAtoADIF is a software project to provide a tool for converting SOTA database CSV log files into ADIF. The project is written […]

Ham Radio SOTA Activations

SOTA G/CE-001 – Cleeve Hill

This was my first Summits On The Air (SOTA) amateur radio activation. Despite Cleeve Hill having a carpark very close to the summit, I decided to enjoy the walk up from the nearby village of Prestbury (ample street parking is available). The hill is pretty steep on the way up; it had been raining the […]


Damm Algorithm Check Digit Tool

This page is meant as a very basic tool to aid users of the Damm check digit algorithm. I created this for my own uses but hope that it may be helpful for someone else too! This tool uses only client-side javascript which can be reviewed by looking at the page source. Calculate Damm Check […]

Electronics Ham Radio Homebrew Projects

Simple Morse Practice Oscillator

As a first dabble into amateur radio projects, I decided to build a Morse code practice oscillator. I searched around for a suitable schematic that my scrap-bin could supply all the parts for. In the end I settled on a simple 555 based circuit from the ARRL, found here. The circuit produces a square wave […]


Improving Awful Audio Attenuators

Several well known audio/electronics distributors sell inline XLR audio attenuators. Typical values sold are -10 and -20dB. I had a need for -30dB so took one apart to change the internal resistors. The theory of operation is that since balanced audio has two equivalent signals of opposite phase, a resistor tying hot and cold together […]

Electronics Projects

LANC Video Camera Control

This research was undertaken as the final year honours project of a Computer Science BSc. Abstract Due to cumbersome existing solutions, this project aimed to develop a remote video camera control system that imposes minimal hardware overhead to the user. Extensive market research and stakeholder interaction led to the design and realisation of an integrated […]